This database includes all known ancestors of my mother, Jeannine Joyce Knight Shaw as well as known descendants of the earliest lines discovered. Because of the formatting transitions between the Master Genealogist program that I use, many of the entries do not "flow smoothly" yet, and some entries may not seem to make sense, but with time I hope to get the sentence structures cleaned up and many of the "unknown" entries cleaned up from the citations entries.

Most people in the photographs have been identified, however two of the photographs included as Daniel Galyean are not identified and all of the photographs of his daughters have been placed with the individual persons based solely on the appearance of the ages of the girls and women in the photographs found in the Galyean photo album. None of the original photographs had any indentification written on them. In addition, because of my particular interest in the Galyean Family history and involvment in the Gallion yDNA Surname project, I have undertaken a personal project to include other validated Gallion lines in the hope that eventually I will be able to tie them all together. Although there is an abundance of data on these families on the internet, primary and even secondary documentation is lacking to firmly connect these early families. I welcome any additions and corrections.