Looking at all the information I've compiled, a few entries are not completely validated, so worth mentioning here for future researchers to know.

The first wife of Daniel Galyean and mother to Artillery Hutson Galyean has been given the name of Elizabeth Hutson. Not only does this name correspond with Artillery's middle name, but it is given as the maiden name of the mother of Artillery's sister, Elizabeth Brewer on her death certificate. The name of the father on that same death certificate is Daniel Braner, but this is probably a misentry. It is written on the line that says birthplace of father, and not the name line, and all of the other information on this death certificate matches up with Elizabeth Galyean Brewer.
Many, many online databases have given Elizabeth Brown, the second wife of Daniel as the mother of all the children from the first marriage.

It has been long known that there was a very close relationship between our Daniel and Shadrach Galyean, as the yDNA testing between both of their descendants was identical, but there was no clear evidence to show precisely what that relationhip was. Jacob Galyean and Elizabeth Arnold had several sons who may have shared that same yDNA. When autosomal testing became available and Ancestry.com began to publish their "Thru Lines" showing genetic distances for matches to the descendants of Jacob and Elizabeth, it became clear almost immediately that Daniel and Shadrach were both descendants of Samuel Galyean and Mary Toliver. Every single match revealed the exact amount of DNA to place them in the same generation and relationship. Analysis of the Toliver line, was fairly clear, although Ancestry had assigned two brothers to Mary, that other testing had revealed were not biological.

The letter from Arthur Galyean, attached as an exhibit to Artillery Galyean gives a narration of his Civil War experiences involving neighbors Joe Wrinkle and Jack Payne who were cousins. DNA has shown a connection with Wrinkle descendants, and Kathleen Shaw Decker at a 4-6 cousin relationship. Common ancestor may be a George Wrinkle. The only in common match for the Wrinkle matches are from the first marriage of Daniel, and from a couple of Swaggerty descendants. If Artillery was also a first cousin to these two men, it would probably be from his mother's line. If thru the Swaggerty line (Swaggertys were also neighbors on the same road) it would then be thru Artillery's wife, Martha, on her Dunlap line.

Dotson/Dunlap questions:
Martha Dotson Galyean, wife of Artillery has been given the father of Jesse Dotson, based on marriage records and censuses. Three questions arise:
1) The recorded marriage of Jane Dunlap and Jesse Dotson was after the birth of their first 3 daughters.
2) Flora Tapp Smith, widow of Joseph Smith, Martha Galyean's grandson was adament that Martha's maiden name was Dunlap, not Dotson.
3) The 1860 census refers to all the chidren in the family as Dunlap but that includes even the two youngest boys who have the Dotson surname..

Jesse Dotson's death is not known. He is not listed with the family in the 1860 and another Jesse Dotson appears with a new family in VanBuren County that same year. The eldest chid in that family is 7 years of age, and no marriage record is found recorded, so it is possible that Jesse left Jane during that time between 1850 and 1853 and started a new family. No DNA matches have shown a common ancester to a Dotson. One appears with an ancestor from McMinn County, but that tree also includes connections with Dan Galyean's tree as well. A Jeremiah Dotson was also a neighbor of the Galyeans, and he had a very large family, so It is likely he is the father of Jesse Dotson.


David Cummings Hickox Reed does not have any known biological parents found. His birthdate and place of birth is taken from his death certificate,, as are the name of his adoptive parents,
His Civil War Pension records state that his biological parents are unknown and that that he was five when he was adopted. That would put it about 1843. He is most likely the male, younger than 10, in the 1845 Michigan State census in the household of Daniel Reed, his foster/adopted father. Also, in the 1860 US census he and Lucy are living next door to the Butler family in Chesterfield, Fulton, Ohio. Mary Butler's maiden name is Hickox. Thinking there could be a possible connection between Mary and David, Becky Ray Carver has worked on a tree for her. However, she has been unsuccessful in locating her parents.

Daniel Ort's first wife, Sarah, born ca 1812 in NY and living in the 1850 census, apparently died prior to David's marriage to Rachel Oviatt around 1854. Sarah's maiden name, parents names and death date/location are not found. Many online trees have confused this Daniel and Sarah with a family living in Cass County, Michigan and identified her parents as Lawrence Ricks and Mary Moore. These are NOT the parents of our Sarah Ort.

Research by Becky Ray Carver has shown Sarah's death was after 24 July 1850 (date of census), and before 7 Oct 1852, when Daniel and his wife Rachel sold a lot in Hudson. Becky also had her dad's (Ronald Knight Ray) mtDNA tested to have in case it could prove useful in finding Sarah's mother. He would have inherited Sarah's mtDNA.